About us

Charles Barton, Co-Founder & Chief Vitality Officer

Charles Barton, a qualified Naturopath since 1997, helps clients improve their health through natural and holistic treatment methods. These include proper dietary management. He has worked in England, Australia, Africa, North America and Asia.

Apart from having being a trained as a Naturopath, Charles also holds expertise in other non-invasive therapy methods such as Shiatsu Massage, Nutritional Management and Neuro Linguistic Programming. He also provides instruction in Secular Meditation.

Zeeba Khan, Principal Consultant

Zeeba is an internationally experienced Ayurvedic Consultant, Meditation Teacher and Nutritionist. She employs Dietary Management, Yoga Therapy and Meditation to help her clients restore Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health. She also helps her clients in preventing diseases and disorders.

Zeeba is trained and certified in the Ayurveda Sciences at the Union Yoga Ayurveda, which is affiliated with the Atreya Ayurvedic Medical College and the Indian Institute of Patanjali Yoga, in turn associated with Swami Paramahansa Samsthana. Her accreditation is recognized by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, of the USA.

Tan Sin Yine, Business Executive

Sin Yine oversees the Client Outreach and Client Relations functions at Life Vitality. With her effective organisation of overall operations, she is the person to thank, for the smooth, efficient and timely appointments, between clients and Life Vitality’s Consultants.

The Life Vitality Centre

The Go-To place for Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Services in Singapore, Life Vitality is the one-stop centre for natural non-invasive health enhancement in the country.

Life Vitality provides a variety of unique therapies with a focus on Natural Healing, to help people prolong and maintain a healthy state of being. It offers solutions to common problems such as Diabetes, Obesity, Pain and Learning Difficulties. It also facilitates Detoxification, Cell Regeneration and other therapeutic treatments.