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Simple Steps to Secular Meditation

Extensive research has proven that regular practice of secular meditation and relaxation exercises can cause health to soar, stress management levels to improve astronomically and happiness to peak. Try it several times a day and the results will show.  Simple instructions follow: Sit up straight in your chair, relax your hands in a comfortable place, perhaps on your lap, […]

Power Naps

If you are frustrated by a lack of sleep, and feel like yawning all the time, which you feel is unusual for you, the following strategy might be helpful: 1. Set an alarm for twelve minutes and place it somewhere near you 2. Cover your eyes with a cloth or a blindfold 3. Visualise the […]

The Role of Vitamins P, S and F in Your Life

Our health reality is intricately connected to our levels of Purpose, which we call Vitamin P, our levels of Spirituality, which we call Vitamin S, and our levels of faith, which we call Vitamin F. These higher elements of our lives are often seen as separate, but in reality, they are more than central to […]

The Top 5 Myths about Naturopathy DEBUNKED

Myth 1: Naturopathy is an alternative to mainstream Western Medical Treatment. Truth: Naturopathy supports and complements mainstream Western Medicine for more effective outcomes of treatment, rather than either challenge it or serve as an alternative. Myth 2: Naturopaths will discourage you from seeking treatment with your General Practitioners or Medical Specialists. Truth: Naturopaths have your […]