We Are What We Eat

We are able to stay alive, by putting food into our bodies. It is a necessity. While there is nothing wrong with seeing food as a luxury, a lifestyle, a culture, a want or a desire, it is important, not to overlook or neglect its fundamental role; keeping us alive.

To keep us alive, food needs to deliver into our bodies, a spread and balance of nutrients, that refuels and restocks what our bodies use up all the time. For that to happen, our food, that we eat, must have that necessary spread and balance of nutrients to begin with.

We say spread, because of the wide variety of vitamins, pro-botics, proteins and other elements our who physical system requires for functioning. We say balance, because a lack of any one nutrient is enough to cause harm to us, so nothing should be short, while at the same time, too much of any one nutrient is damaging as well.

Most of us today are very good with food varieties, delicacies, menus and tastes of all sorts. Many of us however, are not apt with keeping track of what we are eating, how much we are eating and whether or not we are meeting our unique personal intake needs, in terms of nutrition, through what we eat. This is where Naturopaths and Ayurvedic Practitioners can be very helpful.

Naturopathy, besides managing or treating ailments, without reliance on chemical based drugs, is about keeping ailments away by natural means including through a proper understanding of nutrition, diet and the human body. Ayurveda, is the most ancient form of healthcare, central to which is the understanding of the nutritional values different types of food or ingredients bring to the body.

Our health defines us, in terms of our abilities to live our lives. That definition depends heavily on our dietary intake. Therefore, what we eat, literally makes us. If we eat right and eat right well, we live great lives. This sounds simple enough, but if you believe it is a challenge for you in practice, firstly you are being honestly with yourself which is excellent, and secondly, you are probably not alone, as this is quite common with many people. And this challenge can be easily overcome, by talking to capable Naturopaths and Ayurvedic Practitioners. You may wish to give Life Vitality a call.

It’s Never Too Late to Reverse Aging

Did you know that many cells in your body are replaced in as little as 48 hours? But, as you grow older, the replacement cells are tired, worn-out, and weak. Sometimes the replacement cells are never created at all.

At Life Vitality, we help you to replace your worn-out cells with healthy, young cells naturally, from head to toe. No surgery, no poking, no prodding.

In actuality, your biological age doesn’t have much to do with your birthday. Rather, it has everything to do with:

(1) how your body detoxifies of unwanted or unnecessary cells, and

(2) the quality of your replacement cells.

If your replacement cells are old, weak, or tired, then you too will grow old, weak, and tired. But if those new cells are young, strong, and healthy, then you too will be young, strong, and healthy.

• Your stomach is new every 2-9 days.
• Your lungs are new every 2-3 weeks.
• Your colon is new every 2-3 days.
• Your skin is new every 14 days.
• Your red blood cells are new every four months.
• Your bones renew 10% of themselves every year.
• Your heart muscle cells are renewed every second.
• Your platelets are replaced every 10 days.
• Your liver is 100% new every five months.
• Your taste buds are new every 10 days.
• Your joints and cartilage are renewed every second.

What does this all mean? It means that every morning is a brand-new opportunity to refresh and renew your body from the inside out. That is the path to realizing the Highest Version of yourself.

Power Naps

If you are frustrated by a lack of sleep, and feel like yawning all the time, which you feel is unusual for you, the following strategy might be helpful:

1. Set an alarm for twelve minutes and place it somewhere near you

2. Cover your eyes with a cloth or a blindfold

3. Visualise the clock reaching the time you have set; at twelve minutes away

4. As you lie down properly, resolve not to move a single time for the twelve minute duration

5. Do not to worry about whether you fall asleep. Just resting is good enough

5. When the alarm goes off, do not resist it and do not continue to sleep on. If you get yourself up right away, you will avoid feeling groggy and “washed out”

6. You will generate energy for hours ahead just by using this 12 minute power nap formula. You can adjust it to ten minutes or fifteen minutes if you find that it works better that way

7. You can reach a practiced point where you can do this without the alarm, by just visualising and your brain gets you up at the time you choose. You can get a family member to wake you up the first six times or so, to help you get into the habit

8. Tell yourself that sleep is a marvellous medicine. When falling asleep you can do a simple relaxation exercise in your mind if you wish such as concentrating on your breaths. Count to five on your fingers after inhaling and then slowly exhaling out

Ayurvedic Treatment in Singapore: Delivered Professionally by Life Vitality

Our lives are as good as our bodies are, which is why our health is the most important wealth we possess. To maintain it, there are many options, including, as some would prefer, traditional means that avoid the use of chemical-based or lab-produced medicinal drugs. Prime among those thoroughly natural options, is Ayurveda, the oldest form of health or medical care in the world.

While not competing with mainstream Western Medicine today, increasingly around the world, Ayurveda is being recognised as a reliable form of supporting or complementing approach for general healthcare and wellbeing, where issues can be treated or managed without the necessities for chemical drugs or intravenous processes. The advantage is the relative absence of side effects, long-term or short-term, that otherwise come with modern pharmaceutical drugs. This is not discounting the value of pharmaceutical drugs where absolutely necessary.

Recognising thus the importance of Ayurveda’s place in contemporary society, Life Vitality has embarked on delivering a broad range of therapies, for a variety of possible client issues, out of Singapore’s premiere mainstream medical address, at the Novena Medical Center. It is the hallmark of effective private healthcare in Singapore.

While the address alone is reflective of Life Vitality’s professional standards, the edge that Life Vitality truly possesses in delivering Ayurvedic services, is its capacity for inference, interpretation and communication, to impart solutions to clients optimally.

Setup as you would expect the clinic of a M.B.B.S General Practitioner, Life Vitality’s objective of pure care for the wellbeing of anyone who walks through the front door, is apparent. Like all healthcare methods truly should be, Ayurveda is not just an off-the-shelf item, but rather a service, and an experience, that leads to one’s betterment holistically. And thus in this way, Life Vitality, proudly distinguishes itself, from other Ayurvedic service providers in Singapore, in that, it does not look or feel like an alternative.

The Role of Vitamins P, S and F in Your Life

Our health reality is intricately connected to our levels of Purpose, which we call Vitamin P, our levels of Spirituality, which we call Vitamin S, and our levels of faith, which we call Vitamin F.

These higher elements of our lives are often seen as separate, but in reality, they are more than central to our health. For example your faith in your ability to achieve something worthwhile that helps other people around you, keeps motivation strong. This is very important in retaining your vitality and energy, which is in turn preserve the strength of your immune system, besides staving off depression, dementia and other problems to do with the mind.

Your Spirituality gives you the will power to both resist and recover from ailments. It also helps you in desisting from bad habits that are harmful to your body and longevity. With your Spirituality, you will find yourself building and maintaining relationships with people who make good company, with positive influences in your life, which are important to keep you from harmful activities.

Ultimately, it is your sense of Purpose that drives and motivates you to look after yourself and preserve your overall wellness, be it physical, mental or emotional. Your Purpose also retains your will to survive and live through major challenges that you may come to face.

In summary, it is important to regularly revisit and remind ourselves, of our Purpose in life, along with holding our faith in ourselves strong and being at peace Spiritually.

The Top 3 Myths about Ayurveda DEBUNKED

Myth 1: Ayurveda subscribes to metaphysical concepts and supernatural beliefs.

Truth: It is a deeply entrenched stereotype that anything originating from South Asia is associated with mysticism, and the myth about Ayurveda subscribing to things metaphysical or supernatural comes about thanks to just such stereotyping. In reality, Ayurveda is the world’s oldest collection or body of empirical knowledge, about the human body, its functioning, its reactions to natural edible substances found in nature and other external intervention efforts, including surgery. In fact, it was through the study and practice of Ayurveda, that the earliest known recorded surgeries were conducted. You probably didn’t know that evidence for the earliest known dental surgery points to India in 7000 BCE. The first known plastic surgery has been traced back, with evidence, to 600 BCE, also to India. All thanks to pretty empirical Ayurveda, and the practice of it.

Myth 2: Ayurveda is religiously affiliated with or is a part of Hinduism

Truth: The fact that each of the core scriptures subscribed to by followers of Hinduism is called a Veda and Ayurveda ends with “veda” is a matter of Sanskrit linguistics, with no relation between the two. Contrary to the parallel misconception that Ayurveda is derived from the Vedas, Ayurveda really is a separate and independent body of knowledge with no religious association or affiliation throughout its history whatsoever. It is primarily about biology and to a certain extent physics and chemistry. And it has been practiced or subscribed to, in a rather secular fashion, by people of all religious beliefs through the millennia.

Myth 3: Ayurveda contradicts Modern Western Medicine

Truth: Before the explanation, in short, it doesn’t. In explanation, Ayurveda is the first or earliest known system of medical practice in the world, which has subsequently had a direct or an indirect influence on every other known system of medicine that has come about. In that perspective, Ayurveda in some ways is probably an ancestor to Modern Western Medicine. However like all things ancient, Ayurveda has eroded over time, with a great bulk of the body of knowledge lost over the thousands of years of its existence, to such extent that today, only a small portion of it survives. This diminishing process, in the present day, has rendered the importance of Ayurveda as secondary to Modern Western Medicine and also precludes it as a primary mode for medical intervention. However, this  does not mean what survives of Ayurveda today, is ineffective or is in any way contradictory to the primary mode of intervention that Modern Western Medicine serves as, in any part. Far from contradicting, Ayurveda expedites, accelerates, reinforces and amplifies the intended effects or outcomes of Western Medical interventions, through the effective use of safe nature based therapies or edible oral intakes.

The Top 5 Myths about Naturopathy DEBUNKED

Myth 1: Naturopathy is an alternative to mainstream Western Medical Treatment.

Truth: Naturopathy supports and complements mainstream Western Medicine for more effective outcomes of treatment, rather than either challenge it or serve as an alternative.

Myth 2: Naturopaths will discourage you from seeking treatment with your General Practitioners or Medical Specialists.

Truth: Naturopaths have your overall holistic wellbeing at heart. They will therefore not deter you from seeking what is necessary and good for your wellbeing, such as, seeing and listening to your General Practitioner or Specialist. What your Naturopath will do in fact, is reinforce the efforts of your General Practitioner or Specialist, by guiding you on natural, non-invasive measures that do not interfere with or contradict any treatment prescribed or delivered by any MBBS qualified Medical Practitioner, to help you ensure, you get the most of out of your treatment. If it is reassuring, Naturopaths consult General Practitioners and Specialists for their own wellbeing, whenever necessary.

Myth 3: Naturopaths are opposed to surgery and prescription pharmaceutical drugs.

Truth: If you need surgery, you need surgery. If you need a prescription drug, you need a prescription drug. Naturopathy or Naturopaths are not opposed to what you need. However, Naturopaths help you live lives that are healthy, by natural methods, to help you avoid, as far as possible, the sort of health issues that will require surgeries and prescription pharmaceutical drugs to fix.

Myth 4: Naturopathy is not scientific.

Truth: An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. No matter what treatment your Physician with an MBBS prescribes, if you are not careful about your diet or lifestyle, you are at risk of countering the efforts of the Physician. The science of Naturopathy is not as complex, in-depth, extensive and sophisticated as that studied by your Physician with the MBBS degree at a Medical College, because it does not need to be. The simple science of Naturopathy, is about identifying and relaying the simple natural steps towards a lifestyle or diet, that will not be counterproductive to the efforts of your MBBS qualified Physician. It is also about identifying and relaying the simple natural steps to a healthy life, in which the risk of ailments requiring the attention of Physicians is minimised. It is simple science, but it is still science.

Myth 5: Naturopathy is built upon ideas of magic, miracles and alchemy.

Truth: You will never hear a Naturopath say abracadabra. If you ever do, it is advisable that you run. Nor will a Naturopath ever be caught brewing potions in cauldrons in caves or run down castles. Your Naturopath will not promise you invincibility, indestructibility or immortality. Naturopathy is about simple practical health science, that most people are too occupied with other things in their lives, to know, think or be conscious about. The Naturopath guides you, towards consciously living your life in a way you otherwise are improbable to, to make the most of it, by enhancing and extending your vitality.