Eudie’s Story

The following is a true story sent to us by one of our clients, Eudie, who is 34:

October 2016, I felt like I was exceptionally tired. My routine revolves in a usual full-time job and 2 kids to attend to when I get home. But at this time, my little ‘munchkins’ went back to the Philippines for a while but even then I still felt like I’d never slept at all even when I just woke up.

“Perhaps I need more rest, vitamins, and exercise,” I thought. It went on for a few more months and I kept brushing the feeling aside.

February 2017, I felt a sharp pain in my lower left pelvic area and ended up going to the hospital to have myself checked because the GP told me it might be an ovary-related health concern. After the lab tests, they found out my sugar level was 18.7 mmol/l ( equivalent to 336.6 md/dl).

Very high! So I was given medication and a lecture on everything you would hear from a doctor when they diagnose such a problem.

I didn’t want to take sugar controlling medicationss. I was stubborn and hard-headed and thought I knew better. So when I got home, I decided to change my lifestyle. Everybody knows I love sweets (which is partly what triggered my diabetes in the first place). Now, I jogged every night, had a white meat diet (no pork, no beef), and ate vegetables that I used to ignore when shopping before. My husband even changed his diet to the point of eating the one thing he doesn’t like having in his plate – lady’s fingers! My family jogged with me, even our house help! Basically, we changed all that there was in our cupboard. I lost weight, a whooping 12kg in a span of a month.

April 2017

I checked my sugar. I cannot seem to connect what went wrong or where I failed.

I was disheartened to look at the glucometer and found out that it shot up to 28.8 mmol/l (518.4 mg/dl)!!

I tried the glucometer on everyone in the house and their results were normal, except MINE. 😭

I didn’t know what to do anymore. I continued my new routine thinking maybe my body needed more adjusting and perhaps after this it will just drop to normal.

June 2017

A trip to my GP’s office didn’t go well. I felt like I was a little girl reprimanded by a teacher for being naughty in class. I said to myself, “I did what I should be doing. Why do I still have this?”

The GP said, “You cannot expect your sugar level to go down without medication. At this level, it’s just way too high. You’re young and able now and you may not have a clear picture of what’s ahead but you’ve got to take your medications!” I got a lecture on amputation and everything.

October 2017

Religiously I took my meds., I had my HbA1c test again.

My sugar level went down, yes. But not as much as I hoped.

It was still 19 mmol/l (342 mg/dl)!

My doctor wasn’t happy and he said by December if it doesn’t go down to an acceptable level, then I might have to take this medication (and others) for my whole lifetime.

I got even more confused and disheartened and it’s as if all that I’ve learned in medical school jumped out of the window.

My husband and I decided to push through with the options at hand – continue the meds, continue the struggle of changing the lifestyle. Perhaps eventually it will decide to leave my body. Or maybe not, the doubt was growing.

I was touched by the way my family encouraged me, my son was even watching videos of diabetes so he’d understand what it was about.

I didn’t have much energy to play with my kids. And that really broke my heart!

I had been hearing too often that once I trigger diabetes, it will stick with me forever. You may control it for some time but it will find a way to shoot up again. This was depressing.

Then out of the blue, we thought of “natural healing.” At that moment, we were desperate and ready to try complementary therapies.

October 2017

We went to Life Vitality at Novena Medical Centre Unit 11-17 and met Mr. Charles Barton the Naturopath.

He started us on a his protocol. It was a bit of an investment and so all our doubts were aroused, but there again, how can we know if something will be effective until we try it?!

December 2017

Two months after seeing Mr. Barton for the first time, my sugar went down to 9 mmol/l (162mg/dl).

And I got pregnant!

We felt so happy but worried because it’s not a good combination having diabetes and pregnancy.

When my strength and perseverance falters, my husband reminds me that this sickness is not my destiny, that it is a battle we fight together and he is right.

Tirelessly, following the new protocol, we found it to be more and more effective, it made me see that indeed there is a way out. I believe, whatever comes in our lives, God can and will give you another chance.

February 2018

Now, 5 months pregnant and with our naturopath, endocrinologist and gynaecologist paying close attention to the results more good news:

My sugar level has moved lower and lower over the months (without Metformin).

Take note, I’m also eating some of the foods I love, and that is no joke!

I’m in my second trimester and my sugar has been behaving so well.

The doctors checked my eyes, kidneys, and other organs. Everything’s NORMAL!

Friends, this is my story. I hope it will touch and help many people. Have hope, and have faith.

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