Probiotics & Prebiotics: Free Tip from Zeeba Khan

Our intestinal health directly impacts our general well-being. We have to learn how to tend to our intestinal microorganisms by being selective of what we eat and how we choose to live our lives. We need to feed the good bacteria that live in our intestines while, at the same time, avoiding the things that harm the intestines, like eating too much refined sugar, a diet high in simple carbohydrates, drinking too much alcohol, and not managing our stress.

Essentially, in order for us to be healthy, our intestinal microorganisms needs to be healthy. When our intestinal bacteria are out of balance, we become sick. We can suffer from symptoms like bloating, cramps, diarrhea, constipation and stomach pains.

This is where Probiotics and Prebiotics enter the picture.

Probiotics provide good bacteria that protect us from inflammation and support immunity and a healthy digestive function. Prebiotics are soluble fiber that help feed the good bacteria in our intestines. Prebiotics come from foods such as onions, garlics, sweet potatoes and dandelion greens. Try to include these foods in your diet as much as possible.

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