Simple Steps to Secular Meditation

Extensive research has proven that regular practice of secular meditation and relaxation exercises can cause health to soar, stress management levels to improve astronomically and happiness to peak. Try it several times a day and the results will show.  Simple instructions follow:

Sit up straight in your chair, relax your hands in a comfortable place, perhaps on your lap, take three slightly deep breaths and feel your body sinking into the chair. Repeat to yourself silently as you breathe in, the sound ‘re’, and as you breathe out, the sound ‘lax’, for the first three breaths, remembering to linger on the ‘laxxxxxxxx.’

Then start the Heart Rhythm Meditation. Breathe in slowly to the count of six ‘thuddings’ of the heart, (four if six is difficult at the start). Listen for the pulse in your body. Do not worry if you cannot sense it at first, just count gently and listen strongly. Once you locate the rhythm, wherever it is in your body, focus entirely on it as you count. It may be in your stomach, your head, your heart, wherever.  Then do the same while holding your breath through six ‘thuddings’ and do the same for a slow six count of thuddings on the out-breath. On reaching the end of the out-breath, start on the six steady thuddings for breathing in, if you have breathed in before the six ‘thuddings’ are complete, just continue with holding your breath a little longer.  Set a timer to keep this going for ten minutes at first. If it is not possible to time, fold in a finger for every newly starting breath until your hands have counted twenty and that will be very good for you.

Remember, that every day you miss the meditation, you go back seven days in your progress towards a higher equilibrium. Constancy is the key, but do not have a guilt trip when you do not do the practice

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