From Our Clients:


I am a Diabetic for more than 10 years now and am into a lot of medications to control my blood sugar levels.

Currently I am doing the Intermittent Fasting of 16/8 (window period of 8hrs for meals and 16hrs of fasting in a day) after consulting Mr. Charles Barton of Life Vitality, and the result is amazing.

Less than 2 months after I started the IF process, my blood test results improved a lot. My HBA1C blood sugar level went down from 7.8 (previous result) to 6.2 (current result). All my other tests results for cholesterol, liver and kidney all improved as well.

As a result, my Polyclinic Doctor reduced some of my medications.

I am very happy with the results, and look forward to better health and well-being.

~ Rene


Since starting the diabetes protocol with Life Vitality a little more than a month ago  I have lost 6kgs, 2 inches around my waist and my long term blood sugar has reduced to 6.1 which is a 25% reduction.

~ Solomon


I have been diabetic and hypertensive for 18 years. Over the years, my medications have been piling up. When my doctor advised me to take insulin, that’s when I realised that I needed second opinion.

My husband suggested I try consulting a naturopath.

Now after two months of seeing Charles, my life has changed. I lost 7.2 kg, my glucose level is below 7 and blood pressure has become normal.

The most amazing thing is that from eight types of medicines, now I only have to take one.

Thank you Charles, I could not have done it without your help.

~ Ginette


Meditation, particularly, Mind Sound Resonance Technique, has been very effective in bringing down my heartrate and through it, I am able to rest in both mind and body. Zeeba’s delivery of the sessions has been consistent every time. She is meticulous in making sure that my sessions are well paced. She has never rushed me to complete my sessions and always manages to finish punctually while achieving the desired goals.

~ Charlene


The herbal medicated oil treatments have been extremely beneficial as pain symptoms and inflammation have reduced significantly since the initial injury period. Together with strengthening practices that I do on my own, my knee has been feeling stronger within the last few months. The emotional stress and negativity that came along with the injury has drastically improved thanks to Zeeba. As a clinician, Zeeba is patient and kind and competent in delivering the therapy required. My physical and emotional/mental recovery was made smoother thanks to Zeeba’s endearing and uplifting personality and her skills as a clinician. Thank you!

~ Sharon


Zeeba was very nice. She guided me through my treatments very well and she gave very clear instructions. She was always very calm. I started seeing clear results after about one week of treatment. I could breathe more easily. I had not realized how blocked my sinus passages were until after I began treatment and was able to breathe freely and easily again. Thank you, Zeeba! As my state of health improved, treatments started requiring less time.

~ James


My experience with Zeeba was very refreshing. Her method of working through your issues and thoughts were new to me with really great results. Her calmness transmits to you while discussing your issues. I walked away with good techniques to use during stressful situations.



I met Zeeba in a session organized by our company to learn about healthy diet and the right way to eat. She quickly impressed us with the depth of her knowledge and understanding of the subject. With a pleasant and caring personality, she has a holistic view and approach to health – with physical and mental aspects conjoined. During the consulting session, we had an interesting discussion on spiritual matters as well. Her unique background helps her to understand people and their culture.

~ Rama


I was feeling emotional and that I did not have control of my life, let alone know what I want. Zeeba helped me realize from the very first session that I actually do know what I want and also opened my eyes to what I have achieved! Zeeba makes you feel comfortable to open up and helps you see the positive side of yourself!

~ Clarissa


I worked with Zeeba to organize a workshop on nutrition based on body types (the three doshas in Ayurveda). The session was an engaging introduction to Ayurveda for many of the participants who had no prior knowledge or experience with Ayurvedic science. Zeeba was knowledgeable and clear in her presentation. She also addressed all questions from the participants with ease. I highly recommend Zeeba as a speaker/facilitator, and of course, as a clinician and therapist.

~ Shu Ting


Zeeba gave a talk at my workplace on health and nutrition. Zeeba has a real depth of holistic knowledge on wellness. She has the ability to link environmental issues such as the quality of soil to the food supply to the impact on our physiology. She then linked mental wellness to diet and exercise covering all bases which I found fascinating. Her solutions are also holistic, focusing on energy blockages, chakras, and plant-based food solutions, a very refreshing alternative to the mainstream pill-popping culture being pushed.

~ Julio


I first met Zeeba at a nutrition program organized by my company. I gained a lot of insight from Zeeba’s knowledge of holistic self-improvement, from understanding my body’s dosha and chakras to diet plans and sleep schedules. Her meditation classes are also great stress relievers with her motivating and thought-provoking speeches delivered in her soothing voice. Attending Zeeba’s classes became my weekly highlights during the 2-month program as I looked forward to absorbing the most positive energy from her confident and warm presence.

~ Sandra


Zeeba is very patient and generous in dispensing her professional advice. I feel really grateful to have met Zeeba as that has helped me become more mindful and reflect on my personal well-being and development. Attending Zeeba’s program is really one of the best decisions I made in 2017! I am sure Zeeba will continue to share her selfless love and inspiration with many others who have the fortunate privilege to meet her, just like me!

~ Rue


Zeeba helped to ground me. I needed to get grounded again so that I could concentrate on my work. I also needed to learn to stay grounded so that the meditations did not make me feel even more disconnected from the world. It’s amazing to hear how she talks to people. She’s such a fascinating person. She has given us so many beautiful puzzle pieces of wisdom.

~ Nalia


Zeeba’s Light shines throughout her talks. She came unexpectedly and suddenly, like lightning, illuminated the whole sky, and brought the energy which lit a little fire in me and surely in the hearts of many others. And just as suddenly as lightning comes, it goes, and leaves only silence and darkness. But Zeeba teaches you how to nourish this fire to keep it alive. Her Light shines so beautifully and intensively on my spiritual path and she will safely accompany you on your spiritual journey as well. She makes the world a much warmer and brighter place. I’m very grateful for Zeeba.

~ Lauren


The course Zeeba put together for our company is so amazing – the combination of topics is so powerful. She has such a wonderful voice – calming and with no disturbing accents. It’s very pleasant being led by her. The meditations with Zeeba were an amazing experience for me, despite being so horribly bad at slowing down my mind. They were very relaxing, but not just for the rest of the day. I did not get upset when I normally might have. My mind was so clear and I felt such a strong physical sensation of love. It felt similar to falling in love, but there was no person attached to the feeling. I could think of anybody in my life and feel the same love, or think of nobody in particular, and still have the same feeling. It was really beautiful.

~ Alena